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Comme il Faut Hunt

Here is an update on the Comme il Faut info at the bottom of this post. While my real life counterpart was happily watching DVDs this eve, Benicia went over to the hunt and very nicely sent me some photos of what she found. Her report echoed mine in that things were fairly easy to find, the build interesting and tasteful with lots of extras including nice furnishings and great trees with swings and such.

Things were working this evening she said and with lots of hunters in evidence the lag seemed OK. Well it WAS late in the evening even by SL time (wink) so that most likely helped. Anyway, here are her pictures.

These are two of the skins she found. There were two colors in each pack. Her main thought was that the lips seemed oversized compared to most skins and the eyelashes were "not good".

This is her regu lar Tuli S5 skin for comparison

Update: I was very happy to see some of the REGULAR skins from the shop posted here at More Than Meets the Eye. There appears to be a GIANT difference from the shop skins and the hunt skins. This is both good and bad in my mind. I am glad that the apparent quality of the shop skins looks good. I think as hunter we often expect to get "not the best" from a hunt. But at the same time the memory of what we DID get lingers. A lesson there for both the hunters and the shop owners perhaps :D

What she did like was one of the two hairs she found. It has "nice textures, especially cute curly pieces in the back". The bands are EACH color change so you can make it go with most anything you want. I suspect you could add a texture too in the build menu if you wanted (not sure about that -- just thinking out loud :D)

So that's one point of view on the hunt. There are six items to find in all. Benicia found the 3 items needed for 4 of them.


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