MARIANELA Skins : Review

Edit: Please note that there is a DMCA charge against PXL. You can read about it here.
As of August 10, 2008 I will no longer reference their products in my blog. Old ones have been removed.

MARIANELA Skins sent me a huge fat pack of Aylen in Sunkissed tone for review. There was no notecard so I did a bit of sleuthing and found her shop. It is a small building on what looks like a 512 lot. Much like my shop when I had it. That made me smile. She currently has one collection in what will be five skin tones (porcelain - the lightest is in the works still). The sunkissed tone is next to the darkest. Each skin pack includes both black and brown eyebrows -- freckles and no freckles. The ones I received were no mod so check that feature if it is important to you.

I picked a few of the makeups to show you as well as some general body shots. Since we ALL seem to be looking at different parts of our anatomy and since we ALL are going to try on the demos before we purchase -- well we simply must do that -- I am going to give you my opinion of the FEEL of the line. I think that will be just as helpful or more than telling you the belly button is exquisitely drawn :D

For me, this is a feminine collection. It is soft with most makeups being something we could wear on a picnic rather than at the disco. There ARE more dramatic make ups, but even those have me feeling that the girl behind them is really a "nice" girl and is out for a bit of adventure that she probably doesn't get all that often. Everything works, most details tend toward the understated rather than the dramatic. This would be a very good line for younger appearing avatars. There is less DETAIL than in some of the skins and less contrast. Some of you (I know as I really do read the text with the pictures) prefer this. If so, this is definitely a line you should look at.

Ad with that said, here are some pictures. All pictures are taken with the same lighting and graphics settings.

You can see this skin in the real world of Phil's Place HERE.