I Really Am Listening :D


Changes are good.

Life flows, and we move most often in the direction of least resistance.

Whether you read this blog regularly or notice the posts on the feeds now and then, you probably surmised that it has been a philosophical week. Pondering leads us to new conclusions, and here are mine.

I love blogging. It is most likely impossible for me to stop. I enjoy hearing from readers and fans and new designers and other bloggers. At the same time, I feel myself slipping once again into "ad" mode. There is nothing really wrong with that  *smile*, but I have also been listening to your comments. Lots of gold stars from you for the "arty" posts. I like arty - LOL. I can play as well as the rest of the gals.

For a long time now I have only posted items that I felt good with (in). That will continue. Chav will appear from time to time as I have grown quite fond of him. Yes, there is that panting over his sexy bod which is actually "me" and yes, that is a bit confusing. But still, the guys deserve more press than they often get.

I will still post the new releases from Baubles, but that is only once a week at best, so I doubt you will even notice.

Stay tuned for a slightly different spirit on The Blog as some of my friends call it. It won't be a bumpy ride; I promise.

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    # by Sylwia Obolensky - May 30, 2010 at 8:49 AM

    Hi :)
    I love blogging too!

    and i agree with you, there need to be more posts with male fashion!