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I've been thinking about writing this post for awhile now. It is more about getting all of us to think than pointing fingers. Bloggers need to think about designers; designers need to think about bloggers. We are all in this together -- playing our parts on the giant fashion wheel.

Not too long ago Harper had a list. The main point that I remember from her's was that we really don't need a pose stand with EVERY product. I concur; only the newest of newbies will welcome one and that is a low percentage.

These are in no particular order. My list could easily be different from your list. We all have preferences *wink*.

Thumbs Up:


  • Including a note with review packs letting your blogger know if the item is a new release, on special price, free item, short term special etc. 

  • Including a texture with a photo of how the item should be worn (most important with dresses and outfits with attachments). Sometimes those skirts and belts just don't appear on our bodies where you planned them to be. We can adjust, but only when we know "The Plan".

  • Sending items that are easy to view. That is: #1 in folders rather than boxes. #2 in WEARABLE gift boxes or bags (with WEAR in the title so we know) rather than rez versions. #3 In LOW PRIM BOXES (see don'ts) rather than fancy ones. Exceptions count for extremely cute attachments like bags (the stuffed tote from this month's Dark Mouse SOM gift comes to mind) that are a product all on their own.

  • Sending notes of interest with photos if that works for you. It actually saves everyone a lot of effort and let's you find the right bloggers for your products.


  • Listing the designers of the items you are wearing with SLURLs --at least to the ones you are featuring. 

  • Answering IMs from readers with questions and thanking them if they let you know a SLURL or some other detail is incorrect in your post.

  • Mentioning the pose makers, other designers such as furniture or props, and sim if appropriate in your post.

  • Sending thank you notes now and then to the designers who send you things. EXTRA gold stars for thank you notes to designers who had hunt gifts or freebies you really liked. 

  • Adding notes to fellow blogger's sites when you really like their photos, point of view, styling, storyline etcetera. Most really do like a little feedback *wink*.

  • Giving credit to a fellow blogger for a lead on an item is a nice thing; more kudos should you link to the blog post where you found the lead.

Thumbs Down:


  • Sending review items in super high prim boxes. 122 prims wins the contest here. Many bloggers have prim issues and having to go to a sandbox to open a mystery box is sometimes more than they want to deal with. If you feel you really need to send out something special and pretty, then I suggest you invest in some wear and click script that will let the bloggers open the boxes at home. 

  • Sending out too many copies of the same release. Extra demerits if this is also on the same day. Let's say you send out 20 copies of a dress (shoes, jewelry etc.). Let's say 15 of the people you sent it out to like it and want to feature it on their websites. Let's say 12 of those folks are also on the major feeds. The result of the process is that the feeds are filled with "Sally, Harriet, SuziQ, Barbara ....." in the same dress and often with similar backgrounds. This is simply boring. Most folks will just skim on by and say "ah lots of bloggers got this one". It isn't good for anyone. Better to pick a few bloggers, send out different colors. Wait and see if you are featured. Then send out more if you need to. It takes a bit more time, surely; but I think you will get a more positive impact. Just my opinion.

  • Not noticing who reviews your work and who doesn't. :D If someone hasn't blogged any of the five release packs you sent them, it is a pretty safe bet that you aren't a good fit. That doesn't mean they don't like your work, just that it isn't their style. Bloggers will seldom write you a note and tell you not to send items. Not good form. So it is up to you to pay a little bit of attention, even though you are busy people.


  • PLEASE pay attention to your poses! If I see one more set of hands inside a full skirt I think I will scream! If you are short on poses and on a tight budget, I think that Dove at LAP is still giving away blogger packs. It is worth a query anyway. And there are so many great free and dollarbie poses around, I have a difficult time believing anyone really can't find some that will work. The same applies for having your skirts go through your legs in a photo. We know it happens, but it is SO -- well bad. 

  • Don't hassle, beg or try to extort gifts from designers. Bad, bad form and it reflects on us all.

    For those of you that are frequent visitors to the thumbs up column, GOLD STARS for you!  Let's just work on helping each other out in the best ways we can.

    Designers, don't be afraid to give a newcomer a chance. We were all new once.
    New guys, don't expect instantaneous rewards. It takes a lot of hard work to blog fashion in SL(R). You either love it, or not. *wink* Like with most things, there are no real shortcuts.

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        # by Nissa Nightfire - May 10, 2010 at 3:56 AM

        good points, all of them :) /me makes a list of things she can do a little better with~