I am not going to show you another photo of me, Chic, in Tuli's new Jade skin. I am not. I am NOT.

But it is difficult *wink*. Last night I made a new Blogger profile photo; this morning I replaced my old SL(R) profile photo with a new one a la Jade.

New skin, new eyes, new lashes, new hair -- does that make me a new person? More interestingly do the "improvements" in my avatar reflect on my real life?

I have been wondering about that the last day or so. I have come to the conclusion that they do. In some ways our avatar IS part of us, a reflection perhaps -- another layer of ourselves. So when we feel good about our avatar a bit of that translates into our real world. Even if we spend some real life money to be as pretty, unusual, flamboyant, sexy, dangerous, etc. as we can be on our screens, it is a small price for the rewards.

We can't always be what we dream of in real life, but at Phil's Place we can be anything we can imagine.

Here's to the unfolding of our heart's desires.