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Doin' It Right - Or Not!

The title of my post comes from this pose by LAP, one of my favorites over the last years. The theme of the post is actually an upbeat one for the most part. Lots of great things have been going my way until this early eve. Here's the story :D.

This is me in a very nice polo shirt from Ducknipple; a polo shirt I didn't plan to buy. It comes with a sculpty bottom and since it was designed for men, that part isn't working too well for me. Now I am not in the least upset with beanster Potato, the designer of my unplanned purchase. I have lots of great prizes and gifts from her store and it is about time I bought something again. Still, I would have preferred something of my choice (insert smiling sigh).

So how did this all happen?  It happened because I wasn't paying attention, or it happened because I was exhausted, OR it happened because my frustration level was way too high. Add them together and you are probably close to the "why".

This post came about for two reasons. The first is pragmatism. If I bought it, I am surely going to blog it *wink*. The second was my unfortunately experience in the latest Make Him Over Hunt.

I think I have hunted and blogged all the MHOHs of the past. I have been a fan and I may be a fan tomorrow -- but today? Not so much. I began the hunt at #100 and tried to move on from there. No problems at #100 (thank you JUNGLEWEAR). From there things went downhill. I couldn't find the stores, I couldn't find the signs, I couldn't find anything at the coordinates provided in the landmarks -- you get the idea. I did find three prizes in total, one of them being the actually PRIZE at Ducknipple - LOL.

By the time I arrived at Ducknipple (not from a landmark of course as I had long ago lost the chain) I was tired and frustrated and turned on wireframe which I hate to do in part because you miss seeing the store. Ducknipple's prize (shown in the photo above)  was not hidden, but in wireframe still and with others around madly clicking, I missed the orange male symbol and got the polo shirt. Anyway, be warned and hunt REFRESHED. I am not sure what to say about the finding the store issues. It may be better at the beginning of the hunt and I noticed that they are adding LMs at the top of the list. This should help if the coordinates are close to the store.  I am not giving up on MHOH4, but I need a few days of recoup time before I try any more hunting.

The GOOD NEWS is that I took this photo on the patio of my new, larger and super spiffy oceanfront gallery. I got a fantastic deal on the prim rate (after about a day of searching and exploring) and even get a free shop with plenty of prims in the deal. So Baubles is once again open although I doubt I will be making anything new. I personally still have 300 prims to use on a skybox and furnishings. Be still my beating heart. That's on tomorrow's list.

And if you follow my saga, you know that not long ago I was looking for a perfect low prim tree for Fall. Well  I found it FREE at Moonshine Creations on a hunt. It is delicate, mod and sways gently in the ocean breezes. It also features on-off /day - night sound effects.   It is no copy :D.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Doris ~ Sangria
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Jade (tone 5/bl) :: 08a
Accessories: Maitreya  Leather Belt - Dirty White
Clothing: Ducknipple Polo - Black/Blue; Moulliez White Capris

Poses by: LAP


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