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Have You Read Your TOSes Lately ?

I noted this eve as I was perusing some of the feeds I am syndicated on that there were a lot of "not for the office" photos. When I joined the feeds I make reference to, it was clearly stated that the nudity thing was a no-no. Now, personally? I don't care a bit. I mean a naked avatar is in fact a naked AVATAR *wink* and if someone is so into that --- well you get the point.

Still, I went to the JOIN pages and found that that "in the office" reference was no longer there. So for all you bloggers that are on lots of feeds -- it might be a good time to take a look at the rules again.

Maybe we CAN get naked.

Note that the absence of clothes is not my goal here, just want those of you who like be in the buff to realize you may no longer be breaking rules.

Don'tcha love it?!?

And here I was being so PG in my last post.


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