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Emerald Viewer - The Swansong

Notecards are floating around the grid. Posts are being made. While I suspect you may see this many places, I wanted to post it here also. Like so many of you I used Emerald. There are always many sides to a story, but getting statements from the major players is likely the best we can do.

See the official Emerald statement by Arabella Steadham here.

See the post by Jessican Lyons here.

If you followed my latest post on Emerald and the question over "texture" as part of the trojan issue, I found some more official info and added it to the comments. I am personally happy to know it wasn't my imagination.

It could hardly have been messier and it is very likely we will ever know all of the story. That's not all that unusual in these times. I like Imprudence fine. It is not as stable as Emerald was however. I will miss the Emerald viewer, but I am not going back to the LL viewer. I believe in open source and I use the programs often.


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