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Living Inside a Painting

Yesterday I rebuilt my world.

I had no specific plan when I started. Actually I went searching for some better looking one prim trees. And then -- as often happens in SL -- I was in the midst of another adventure.

Some of my favorite places in SL are ones that speak subtly to the intuition, that ask questions but expect no answers. And so, yesterday afternoon I painted myself a new world.

I didn't really have a plan when I started; that goes along with my RL art style, letting the work emerge, taking on its own life. In the end I found that I had built a dreamlike version of a desert mesa -- an echo of a place I once called home.

My pottery bench in the background is from Cheeky Pea and comes complete with a texture change menu for the wood and lots of poses.  Happily, I had a large shelf of already thrown pots from Second Spaces, part of Uncle Hanks Potting shed.  My sculpty grass and well used books (on sale yesterday) hale from Garden of Dreams.

The static  butterflies are a group gift from alirium. Find them in  the shop on the wall. Several colors and styles are included; one prim per group of butterflies.

Fashion finds of the day include my outfit from Ronsem. The hoodie is the prize in the Snow White Hunt. Look for a shiny white poisoned apple. Thanks to schnaeppchen for showing this. The hair (blond only) and socks in several colors are also free at the shop. My earrings and bangles can be found in a Ticky Tacky gatcha at  Black Bacchanal, ending today I believe so hurry. The earrings were MUCH larger than shown but have click resize so they are easy to adjust.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: RONSEM* MAI / Blonde (free)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Jade (tone 4/bl) :: 08a
Clothing: RONSEM* Hoodie (hunt); [[[ SWANSONG ]]] Timeless Jeans (Sunrise) (new release); RONSEM* Solt Socks / kahaki(M3) (free)

Accessories: *Ticky Tacky* Nina Knows How to Party (gatcha)

Poses by: Posies AnimationPose Co.


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