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Please Please Please - Designers

Tonight I received some nice group gifts. It doesn't matter from where :D. These gifts were all marked "for sale" and buy on touch, hence that nasty little dollar sign shows up on mouseover which is something I am not willing to deal with.  This isn't a new phenomenon and if there are mod rights, the problem can be fixed IF the person receiving the item has some building skills and knows how to remedy the issue. Without the mod rights AND the knowledge, your recipients are left with an object they may not want to use. Hence, it goes in the trash.

I suspect this is often an oversight since the items -- in this case anyway -- were never for sale but made as gifts. But if you really want your gifts to be well received (and who doesn't) it might be good to test with an alt or friend to see exactly what you are giving out.

Again tonight was definitely not the first time I have seen this. Not new, just something to think about. Taking that check mark out of the for sale box and the buy on touch choice is good plan.

Unfortunately this happens with items that people buy also, so please think about your shoppers when you choose your pricing modes.

Thanks a bunch!

PS. For those of you WITH this problem on some items, you can take the check mark out of the "for sale" field shown above. You may need to click the  "when left clicked - touch/ grab (default)" once again to get the "$L" to disappear. I need to do that on my viewer anyway.  This fix will ONLY work if the item is mod of course.


Nissa Nightfire said…
oh that drives me insane too! I see it a lot on things that are sold as a copy of the object (such as when you buy a piece of furniture off the showroom floor), rather than when people are selling from a vendor [tho' I can imagine it could happen either way]

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