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Firestorm Hunt - Picks for the Guys

The Spooky Nights Hunt is a biggie, with five sims and 150 prizes to be found. It took me three days to finish but it was a very fun time.

Here are my personal picks for the guys. That's me as Max on the right and a friend on the left. We both are looking pretty fantastic in our new gear.

On the left, the male prize from Lavian. The textures are definitely to die for! Well maybe not die, but both the mesh and textures seem so very real you can pretty much feel the smoothness under your fingertips. You get the idea.

Reports from friends match my experience. We all needed to adjust our shapes to get the pants to fit beneath the sweater. With something that looks this good, it is worth the effort. "Love Handles" may be the slider that you want to play with along with "Butt Size". Honestly I have no idea how I missed this designer!  See, we can learn something no matter how old we are.

Find this in the Firestorm Showcase sim. 

On the right, Fi's Creations - Chocolate Suit. This is definitely a well received addition to Max's wardrobe.  Find this on the Firestorm SB sim.

Now Max is a dapper guy and he epitomizes that term with the addition of this bowler hat from {Indyra} . It, along with lots of other great gifts, can be found on the Firestorm Support sim.

Have fun!

 Shoes are not included in the outfits.

Poses by: Diesel Works


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