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Let's Be Thankful

A late night wish from Sami, a tip and a reminder.

Her complete outfit including high high sneakerboots, hat and hair (separate) and a bunch of very cute tops are free for all at ShuShu. This is an "on the wall" gift for those in the know and that means you guys now - LOL.

Look for the HOT HOT Outfit  -- again a vendor on the wall guys (for those of you that weren't around when this was a popular method of giving :D).

There are even fishnet stockings with appliers.

Also --- if you haven't done the Firestorm Hunt you have a little time left. It is indeed one of the best of the year. The signboard in back was a gift from Goose.

Advent season is on the horizon. I typically (sometimes with Sami, sometimes with other friends) cover all the various places with picks from the day. I am not sure if that will happen this year. Many places seem to be group oriented which is fine -- actually I am in some groups that are doing Advent LOL. But many are pay groups. Sooooo -- at this point we aren't really sure about the Christmas Tree Lot posts.

I will do some research and see what is going on. So far I haven't heard that much. Still we will certainly post if there is something either of us has found that we think will have universal appear *wink*.

We both wish you a happy holiday season.

Maitreya Mesh Body

Mayfly Eyes

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