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POE8 On the Horizon

The Peace on Earth Hunt opens for its eighth cycle soon. Some of the gift givers have been in many (perhaps all) the hunts. It is a bit of an institution -- started by Sequoia Nightfire and being carried on by those that wish to see the tradition continue.

This really lovely holiday seating set  from Zen Creations comes complete with color hud for the chair.  I had to smile when I opened this box. I am fairly sure that this is the company that I searched for SO LONG on one of the very first POE hunts. There were over 200 shops and no real info on who had what. I saw a photo of the gift and was in lust mode. From there I did pretty much the whole hunt just to find the prize I was after.

It is no longer with me of course, the disappearance of all (ALL) my home and garden items a few years back saw to that, but a quick search let me know that I still have another set from POE and Zen Creations. It was a fun trip down memory lane.

The slippers in my scene are from P3 and come for Slink, Belleza and TMP. Versions for the guys are included.

Sami's store was a participant in the first POE hunt, I was a participant a few times also. Between us I suspect we have covered all the hunts over the years. So we look forward to showing you some of our favorites finds as the calendar days of December turn.


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