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Second Life Advent Calendar List 2015

Two of the RARES from Sway's at the December Arcade
The Christmas Tree Lot Advent report has been part of this blog's holidays for a few years now. With so much going on neither Sami nor I are promising to blog our favorites daily. You are big girls and boys and our choices might not be yours, so checking the gifts on your own is a good idea AND part of the fun.

But I have been doing some sleuthing and here is a list of SOME of the many Advent calendars and celebrations happening this month.

I will update this list as I find more places, but in some cases you will need to join a group before the first of December or you will not be able to click on those cute little boxes, calendars numerals etc.  So here is what I know.

SWAY'S - free to all - hunt for the "keys" that will garner your prizes.

This year there is a hud instead of notecards so wander around Sways to find the baubles, click and fill your hud. One prize per day. Read the notecard that comes from the signs shown here :D.

Here is a list of other  verified places (thank you Sami).

Updated December 12

Note that each of these stores has been checked. The link usually go TO the calendar and the stores actually HAVE advent areas :D. Just in case you have tried some other lists - LOL. We spent a long time putting this together. If you find an SLURL that isn't working, please comment on this post. Thanks.

MEVA - Group (pay)

ENTICE - Group (free) tree with presents to the right of the store (find the present for the right day using your mouseover or other skills). Pay $1 and it gets returned. You can also choose to pay more.

7 Deadly s{K}ins  - Group (free until 30,000) gifts for guys and gals. Inside by the lucky chairs between the sections for men and women

ALB DREAM FASHION - Group (free but will close during Advent) Join the LAMU group. 

Loordes of London - Group (free) - kiosk like last years (changes later in the day)

Emerald Couture - Group (free)  - advent boxes on shelves (past gift calendar on a nearby wall that may be pay)

Hello Dave - Group (free) - Box at landing point - nail appliers

Abranimations - Group (free) colorful boxes on shelves

Watercolors in the Rain - Group (free) teleport from the sign at the landing point to the calendar.

Chaos Panic and Disorder - no group needed - traditional calendar

KittyCats?  It looks like calendars will be in various locations this year? Gift one is at Amacci and you can find the calendar here.  I will update as I know more.

It took me awhile to sleuth this out but the "official" KittyCats calendar seems to be on the Wonderland sim. So choose your location :D. 

Also:  " KittyCatS Winter Wonderland Sim, this special event will run from December 14 through January 4 and will be a hunt-type event where people can search for special snowballs to find special gifts!"

Now here is an interesting one. You find the glowing number scattered around the event area and click to get your daily prize. Free, not group.

Fair Play - The Forgotten Game - Fatasy and Gothic Charity Event.

Have fun! Prize for day one appears to be a tattoo from Suicide Gurls.

** A Christmas Advent-ure Hud (Timeless Textures and Lantian Flox - very spiffy)  wear the hud and it will teleport you to various stops each day.  Yes, it's free!

Places include:

Inkheart - Group (no fee)

ReAct Naughty or Nice calendar (same set up as last year where you teleport to find the VERY BIG hunt object and take your chances)

SOIR (adult) - traditional wall calendar

8i8Mariposa Gardens - Group (no fee) traditional calendar in cute village

C Store and Basanti Jewellery - Group (fee) traditional calendar

Lyrical B!zarre Templates - Group (fee) calendar by very cute train set

Mieville Christmas Land - traditional calendar

Moondance Boutique - Group (fee) traditional calendar

Perfect Seduction - traditional calendar

Lantian Flox - boxes to click on the ground like last year

Timeless Textures - traditional calendar

Starting later in the month (12 days)

CERO STYLE:  wall calendar red with white kitty (verified)

Cosmopolitan:  Lots of gifts per day (group) Click on the stockings in the tree.

Chop Zuey: one free and one group (fee) calendar like last year (not as this check)

Others that have been advertised:

Drama Libre - (Sami used to go to their parties when she was a babe and they are still around. Amazing!)  Traditional calendar on the docks

Needful Pixels (adult) - three white trees with numbers like last year

Moonstorme Creations Advent Christmas  (kids and toddlers and baby items) Free and transfer.

Advent Calendar Gift HUNT - (Group - Afrodita Shop - free)

Shiny Squirrel's Shops - traditional calender

Helping Haven -  free, no mention of group

Moonstar Advent Calendar - free for all - also present rezzer

Mrs Santa Christmas Market HUNT - two to three baubles with gifts to find each day

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: aDORKable and homemade


Anonymous said…
There is Abranimations too :)
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks. Added. I had checked them a day or so ago but it wasn't up yet :D. Appreciate the heads up.

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