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Halloween Challenges - Monday Meme

scare me silly

I really hadn't planned on doing the Monday Meme this week. My mind has been on other projects. But there is also a photo contest going on for the current Team Diabetes event which I am taking part in.  So put the two together and it seemed like a viable few hours === and it was fun too.

I had the great succubus outfit from deviousMind as a starting place. I already had hair from the previous posting. Somewhere along they way parts of the outfit disappeared; but never fear, I save "odd things" from long ago and had a big choice of horns.

I also had a new skin from amais at Cosmopolitan and switched to pale mode from medium. I really like these skins and have been wearing them constantly for several months.  In this case I chose the no eyebrow version which seemed appropriate and added some wickedly seductive makeup from alaskametro (currently at On9

I didn't have any guy friends (necessary for the succubus part of the equation) that had Bento heads. Actually now that I am done, I remembered one, but hey. So I sent an old emote hud to a friend with a legacy head and he filled in. Some artful vignette filters and all is well.

My poses are beyond antique but worked quite well. It was fun putting together a story.

Poses by: Posemaster [nla]


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