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My Seven Second Life Facts

Berry is starting up the memes again -- under another name but I am betting most of us will call them Monday memes anyway.  I am tardy as I don't visit her site often now that the focus is on mesh heads and I have no plans to get another.

Since I write SO much on forums and such I don't have a lot of unknown facts but I will try and share a few quirky things.

1. I still have my Firestorm Kitty, Pearl. And it is an important day for her; she is 1500 days old as I type this. Pearl has always had a home of sorts and has never been put away in inventory. She has a tendancy to fall through prims in the sky so I try and keep her on solid ground. Currently she is roaming LEA12 where she has lots of space and some visitors to keep her company.

2. I have 98 videos on my YouTube channel. Some arty, some tutorials, a few that are ads for products.

3. I spent much of my youth camping for lindens which gave me enough money to start my first store which was clothing. I was never very GOOD at clothing but it sold fairly well for the times. And I am so glad we have progressed in that area. 

4. Aside from some real life friends who I joined with, Nissa Nightfire is the only old timer still in my friends list. We met as early bloggers on Iheartsl when it was a community blog and not a feed.

5. A Steamy Mystery at Terradale is my fourth LEA build. The fist was an eighth of a sim city build with subway that I constructed (prims) in order to film "Lost in the City".  That was five years ago.

6. I seldom update my software as long as it is doing the job it needs to do. My graphics software is six years old.

7. I love to move and decorate, then I often lose interests. My favorite home was a Steampunk house won on a hunt that I set up in Winterfell.


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