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Men Only Hunt 10 Is ON.

Men Only Hunt 10

The Men Only Hunt started this morning. I spent most of the day hunting. While I didn't end up with too many things that were my taste, I enjoyed the time spent; it's been awhile since I hunted.

This is a good hunt but not an easy one. There is a hud to pick up here. The hud works very well but since many of the participants were apparently lax in sending in their logos, it isn't always clear where you are headed. Now and then you end up in a mall-like setting wondering WHO is actually in the hunt.

A notecard with hints (for some shots not all) is helpful, both in finding the item as well as figuring out which of the stores at the landing point are actual hunt participants.

Most stores had there items out, some apparently not, one at least had an empty prize MUSTACHE (now filled so no worries) but a few seemed MIA and still in the hud.  No fault of the organizers; you can only do so much.

Shown here are my personal picks and a few mentioned of other things that didn't make it into my "beauty shot".

lock&tuft - cosmo beanie with color huds for cap and hair

Wilson's - M -    Rust pullover shirt

Yasum *Urban FU Bracer*

[Gild] Key nacklace_for male

INVICTUS - Glasses / Black

[Bad Unicorn] Darts Board  with dart attachment

Other notables:

[ZEX] Emilio - Polo shirt in MANY body fits as well as standard sizes. The one for DAVIDE fit perfectly which leads me to believe the others will too.

*Birth* 'Bushy' Eyebrow Appliers Tintable

NX-Nardcotix Finlay Backpack Commando [DAVID]

Volkstone Tyler Facial Hair

Plenty of posed and tattoos.

The most popular item on the hunt is BOUND to be (wait for it) the full mesh body BENTO avatar WITH HEAD ----- and ALPHA HUD.  Yep, really.

When I arrived at Altamura there was a huge crowd there. I had no idea WHY at the time, but opening the prize box answer that question easily.

The hud is simple and not arty but works just fine. The body and head conforms to the a standard legacy shape well so no odd looking deformed heads until you "fix" something.

The notecard says that the free body includes skin tones but I am not seeing where. There are some VERY impressive vendor photos at the shop, so the question is -- are their other skins sold for this body?

I had my friend test this as honestly I was way overtired after a full day of running around and opening and trying.  He is very happy with the skin provided but others might certainly be interested in adjusting for a more personal look. So keep that in mind.

The hands and mouth are in fairly constant motion which is a little jarring when you aren't used to it, but maybe other Bento bodies and heads do that too -- or perhaps it is my friends AO.   Not sure on that.

But a SUPER nice gift (and easy to find too).

His suit is still looking good but fairly antique and most likely another hunt prize.

Top photo (me) body Exmachina Davide

Poses by: grafica (hunt prize) and Diesel Works


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