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A Homey Fall

Gray skies and inches of rain, it's time to wrap yourself in comfy attire and bake some pies and cupcakes!

From Stories&Co. for N21, cuddly sweatshirts. The Delilah Sweatshirts come with a choice of two huds  with Maitreya and Slink fits.

And if the "comfort" part of comfortable is utmost in your mind, you will want to check out the new instore release at MYNX. With lots of fun patterns and fits for most mesh bodies, these Pajama Pants are sure to be a hit when you simply want to get out of fashionista mode and relax. Flat feet only :D.

You will certainly need something to store your dishes and bakeware in and Sway's [Judith] China Cabinet fits the bill. A variety of finishes as well as filled versions and an empty give your lots of choices. A dish menu let's you change the textures on dishes and canisters. Find this new release at Shiny Shabby.

No kitchen is complete without plenty of kitchen clutter. You can pick up a variety of homey goodness at The Epiphany. Just head over to the Second Spaces booth and try your luck at the big Modern Farmhouse gacha.

This is my personal favorite of the set, the cookbook with rolling pins.


Pose by: Exposuer


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