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Once Upon a Nightmare Hunt - My Picks

Once Upon a Nightmare Hunt
Stitched Tunic and Peaches Coffen
A new hunt just opened, Once Upon a Nightmare from The Epiphany folks. The theme is seasonal with lots of ghoulish gifts as well as some that can crossover into other times. Here are a few of my favorites.

I need to be fair here. This is a big hunt and with time at a premium I perused the prize photos before heading out hunting. There are items out for particular bodies of course and so not everything will work for everyone. Some lovely items can be found in this hunt which is a great thing to be able to say as we all know how hunts have deteriorated in general over the last few years.

I do have one pesky peeve. The hud has tiny buttons with fancy text and takes up about a third of my 2560 resolution screen. I really needed to remove the hud EACH time I went to a new spot in order to be able to -- well HUNT - LOL.  Hence I no doubt missed some great things along the way.

But here are a few to get you excited.

An Umbrella gift from deviousMind, the Spider Parasol which comes in both black and white.   My outfit is a companion store release, Widow which comes in Black Widow and White Widow versions; Hourglass and Lara fits. The complete set includes MANY more spiders.

Many Many more spiders -- with me not a spider gal. I LOVE the spiderweb skirt and flowing webs off the umbrella, but those little (or sometimes big) arachnids and I are not sempatico.

Spider pasties are included but I opted for some coverage from my Lakshimi hair, Wren.

[Top Photo Info]

A very nice role play outfit for the guys can be found easily (see the hint on the blog) at Stitched. This comes with a cape option and also in a dark tan color. It is made for the Gianni body but fit my Exmachina Davide very well. A tiny place in the back neck was off but long hair (very fitting) works nicely.

I also want you to know there there has been an update for Davide (and another in the works) and those pesky scripting issues appear to be a thing of the past. So if you tried a demo before and got aggravated, now is a good time to venture over and pick up a new version.

The very classy coffin is from Peaches.

Over at DDD you can find a nicely detailed set of aging skulls. We ALL need a set of those, don't we?

Not scary but definitely beautifully made (works for me!) this Drying Star from Kres.  (Kinda tricky to find ^^.)

Rounding out my report, these very nice earrings with metal changing hud and both engraved and plain versions are from OXIDE.

Go forth. Find great things!

As a caveat, quite a few of the photos on the hunt listings are confusing or misleading so you may not end up hunting for what you THINK you are hunting for. 

Poses by: Vista Animations, Diesel Works,  Beehive


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