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This is my third post in a row on SCANDALIZE.  No, I am not getting paid; I am not even an official blogger. But I ("we") try and show you things we love and I haven't been finding a lot in that category lately.

Still, let's focus on the pluses, shall we?

From SCANDALIZE as a gift at FaMESHed this round,  Katherin. PinkPale which includes plain and dotted versions in many mesh body fits. Super cute, it has a texture change hud for the strings. You WILL need panties (not included) :D.  Best bet for now is the cam sim!

Another gift at FaMESHed is this pretty necklace with Springtime umbrella and texture change hud. Happily PINK was a crystal choice.  Look for the MIDNA - Zaza Necklace in a FaMESHed group gift box in front of the Midna cubical.

The new release that I am most excited about is the .PALETO. Backdrop:. Canalle -- available at the new round at Cosmopolitan.   This is billed as a photo prop, but it is fully finished sides and back and would fit into a large build easily. It has long rangd LODs as well as some impressive texturing and weighs in at 86 land impact, kind of heavy but very nicely made.


Now here is my little op ed portion of tonight's programming. 

I went to all the newly opened events today. Some of my friends did also (we shop and decorate a lot during these days of confinement).  I wanted to buy; I really REALLY did -- I just couldn't find anything I was willing to spend my money on.

It isn't a new story but this month's offerings seem to call for underlining and bolding. I couldn't find ANY (and I do mean any) clothes that jumped out as being creative and well-made. The large majority were variations on a theme. A new button here, a bigger ruffle there\and in general what many of us already have in our virtual closets.  The same theme rang true for shoes -- except for one super cute pair WITH NO DEMO (I passed).

Several friends have bemoaned this lack of actual innovation; it isn't just me noticing. To the handful of creators that still read this blog, I encourage you to push that envelope a bit, try some new things. Stop making a sleeve longer and a buckle bigger  and start from scratch.  Make fewer but unique products; rethink perhaps why you are working at all.  Cut back and use your time more wisely if that is what you need to do.  There are folks out there that WANT to spend their linden dollars.  They just need a reason to.


I am still here. I am still blogging. But if the post get a bit less frequent it is simply because I am waiting to share some REALLY GOOD STUFF with you.

Hair by Truth

Pose by: LAP


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