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Unopened Doors

I found this superb tattoo at Vanity. Now I don't wear tattoos that often but I do appreciate the artistry. I also have had occasion to notice an abundance of not so artistic and not so well made items of late.  Honestly I think tattoos had their heyday when SL was very young, but hopefully they are coming back.

There was no demo for this tattoo --- and indeed I notices many booths at Vanity with no demos.  I hope that is not a trend.  Even though I couldn't try before buying I did purchase this offering from Vegas, Tattoo Dark Live this Moment.  Light and medium versions are included as well as solid black versions in three tones. Both BOM and appliers are included in the pack.

It took me all afternoon (yes, literally) to find an outfit that would show off the tattoo in its glory.  I delved deep into the recesses of my inventory, yep I did.

Here are those supporting actor credits:

Dahlia - Madison - Choker
{MYNX} Yoga Pants - MAITREYA Dark Gray
N-Uno - Dina Bra // Maitreya

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Jinia"

Poses by: SE Modeling


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