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Zuo Oceanside Ranch

Just out at Uber, the Trompe Loeil - Zuo Oceanside Ranch.  If you are one of those folks who thrives on impressing the neighbors, this house is for you.  Fitting nicely on a 2048 lot  (or larger of course if you need those land impact points for decorating) this roomy home has a unique eclectic feel. 

Lots of halls, lots and LOTS of doors and windows, there is still plenty of  personal privacy.  

While "oceanside" is in its official moniker this home obviously fits well into other landscapes.  Outdoor areas offer places for entertaining or relaxing and of course there is both a pool and a fireplace.

With large entry areas on both sides of the building it could easily fit into a large landscaped parcel and feel right at home.   

Landscaping  item from the LOVE - MILLWOOD  set.


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