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Lazy Summer Living

We are in the Second Life summer doldrums. It happens every year.  Typically I have a project for these days when my friends list is empty and there is nothing nagging at me to do -- not even inventory.  This year it looks like it is just going to be lazy.

And if I am forced to REST (oh my such a bad, bad word), then I might was well rest in style. 

This is the pool area of the Scarlet Creative Monteverde Villa 1.0, the house I chose over at Bermuda Triangle.  The name of the community seems to change often so let's just go by the sim designation for now :D.  It is a lovely home and I am enjoying the styling opportunities.  I have 200 land impact to use (exact number not verified yet). This is one of the largest, if not THE largest of the bungalows.  There is a large open patio room and a closed room. A very pretty pool area with stepping stones divides the two.    

Not a good shopping weekend for me. Bad LODs, items not "really" put out for sale, clothes that seemed to be one piece but were actually many pieces ^^.  But every weekend isn't a winner.  Hope some of you had better luck.  


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