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Morning Sauna

I am not a huge fan of sweating. That being said there were a few years when I spent a fair amount of evenings in my friend's sauna. It was a comradery thing, not a health thing. Eight or so friends crammed into a homemade sauna steaming away. I have to admit I was usually the first one out *wink*.   

Salt & Pepper has a new group gift -- BOM panties.  "Thrilled" was an appropriate term for my feelings when I heard. I love BOM and there really aren't all that many clothes made for this very useful addition to our current wardrobe choices.  The panties come in a large variety of colors and are also tintable -- so you can have any color needed to go under those oftentimes SUPER short skirts.  These are thongs in the back so really not all that helpful with modesty, but having SOMETHING on while you rez makes sense to me.   

This is a paid group with a hefty fee, but I am guessing a lot of you joined last December for the Advent event. If so, switch on that group tag and get over there.  There are about 30 other past group gifts available near the wall vendor in the group gift area. 

My backdrop is the group gift for July from MINIMAL (also a paid group). 

Pose by: aDORKable


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