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International Womens Day - Second Life

Today is International Women's Day with the theme " Break The Bias".   

Most of us live a a fairly free world, maybe not as free as it used to be, true -- but still better than many parts of the globe where women still have almost no rights.  Some of you are old enough to realize how things have changed in the last few decades. For the younger crowd, I suggest watching a few episodes of "Mad Men". 

"You've come a long way, baby" (Virginia Slims cigarette slogan of the 80s) you gals in the United States. The Equal Rights Amendment was finally  ratified after almost fifty years.  Hopefully this will lead to better equality in many locales and workplaces in the future; fingers crossed.  

That's my politics for the year. I pretty much don't DO politics.  



Belle Époque has put out a new group gift (small fee) of a complete IWD outfit.  It is really top notch and I plan to wear mine today because I do believe in equality.     Find it on the Group Gift wall near the front of the store.   

Paparazzi - BACKDROP - End Of The Line 1

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