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Random Matter


I have notcied a few shops putting out new things at seemingly "sale" prices.  A few brands have been doing this for years like {what next} for FLF, but for the most part new releases hold higher prices than the same items sold later.   Each creator decides of course what is right for them.   

The current trend of sales, sales, sales has in some cases led to lower prices --- and other times not so much.   I ventured over to a recently opened long time "top" even the other day looking for a themed outfit for a photo shoot. I was willing to pay what in my mind was a fair price.    I found something that would work even though I didn't love it.  Turns out that the outfit (ONE COLOR) was going to cost around 1500 lindens.  Well THAT wasn't going to happen just on principal.   Things are kind of a mess in the pricing department this last year and with all the many new events shopping is simply getting more difficult. 

So of course when I FIND something great, I am going to share.   

This is the newly released .random.Matter. - Golden Age - Tea Cart. It comes in either brown or black versions. It is low triangle count with tons of details and lots of gorgeous texturing and is $90 lindens. It would be lovely in a steampunk, Victorian or fantasy abode.  While I have none of those at the moment, there is always the future AND I tend to want to "reward" other creators for doing a good job. 

You can find this at the newly opened event ---  The Fifty.  It features a few top name long time designers, some up and coming ones and a some hmmm ones :D.  It is sleek and modern to shop in but not different enough for me to be a fan --- as yet, anyway.  

Backdrop: [KuddelMuddel] VICTORIAN HOUSE Backdrop / Set A


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