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Leilla - New BOM Gift Head

A new group gift BOM head is out from altamura.  Find it in the WELCOME area near the landing point. Remember, this is a ($10 join fee) gift. Your altamura tag isn't needed. 

While I am not in the market for a new head, I wanted to test it out for you -- and I did with happy results.  

This is the BOM head (a must for me as I always hated the applier ritual) with the current 7Ds group gift skin *(actually a skin from 2020). I took off all my makeup except my eyebrows, removed my mesh eyes and used the shape included in the box.  Interestingly enough I pretty much look like "me" still - LOL,  

The neck 2 fix works for Maitreya and the seam is very very hard to see.  Here's what is in the box:

This isn't a fancy head but especially for those folks wanting to try a mesh head, it is a very nice one. Personally I never use all that complicated stuff. Once I have the "me" I want, I leave it alone except for some exotic make up now and then, 

I am wearing the DEMO of the new C88 release from Zenith. Now I like many of the Zenith styles, have a fair amount of them in my inventory and would have purchased this except for a couple of things.  The biggest one is the rigging which is not done well at all for Maitreya. Other mesh fits might be better of course.  Also this style is made so that you need to alpha out your breasts -- along with all the other things that didn't work well.  I tried Legacy and the same "boobs through the sweater thing" applied so this is not a case of Petite instead of Lara.  

The vendor photos are marked as being taken with Reborn bodies so those of you that wear that brand might want to check out this new release.  

:: DS :: Piper Glasses by Deep Static
bonbon - vina hair [unrig] GIFT <3

Bdrop // Vintage School Set - White

Pose by: aDORKable


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