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The Art in Architecture

I love the play of shadow and light, the shifting moods of Mother Nature, the dancing pattern of leaves on walls.  So it isn't surprising that the arty part of architecture is what I am most interested in -- shapes coming together in patterns in ways not seen without the hand of man or woman.  

There is a new reporting sheet for Trompe Loeil posts. There you can easily see what the other bloggers are featuring.  It was not a surprise that most decorate the homes before taking their pictures; this is the accepted norm after all and hopefully they enjoy the process of creating their own version of the new release. 

If you have read this blog over the years you know I rarely follow that plan -- unless of course I actually move into the home.  As I was taking these shots a few days ago I asked myself WHY that was my method.  The answer came in two parts.  First, I used to buy and renovate houses for a living and when I bought a house I wanted to see the house, not the decorating job that had been done. I wanted to know the bones of the house and see any flaws that were evident.  

 Secondly I enjoy the emptiness. I am a minimalist by nature. So you see, I am not being lazy; I am simply being true to my nature. 

Find the Trompe Loeil - Nyoka Tropical A-Frame Cabin at FaMESHed. It also comes in a beachy thatched roof version. 


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