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SL19B Event is Open

After weeks in the making the event regions are open.  I have to say that this is the most spectacular birthday bash that I can remember.   This is my eighth or ninth  year building for the event including the one year that I did a two region music event installation.   

I could see from the map that I had been given a really nice spot this year and once the citizen builds were moved over to their resting place I found that I was across from the arboretum -- my personal favorite Linden build.  I couldn't ask for a more comfortable place to enjoy my part of the festivities. 

The Arboretum is wondrous with wide Victorian-esce curved walkways amidst a jungle of foliage. The stately architecture balances the free forms of Mother Nature; it is a beautiful and peaceful place. 

To see the arboretum from a bird's eye view, find one of the elevator and take a short trip up, then stroll around the glass ceilinged dome.  Victorian garb not required of course, but extra fun for photographs.  Creators were gifted with special SL19B - Lanyard - Exhibitor designators, a nice touch.  My blouse is from the Shop and Hop sale at the Vagrant Booth (posts on all that coming up in the following days).  Hair Jay2 by Monso.  

Signage in all the main areas let you teleport freely from one point of interest to another.  

You can pick up gift at the welcome area as well as in the center of the Tapestry  of Time exhibit. But as often is the case, the best gifts can be found by wandering the builds of the citizenry. So take your time and explore.  At the Community Gallery you can add your photos to the pool in hopes of being chosen to be featured in the exhibit. 

The is of course lots of partying going on as well as official informational talks so check the official blog posts or join the Second Life Birthday group to keep up with all the actives. 

Not all the builds are traditional steampunk, but many are and the creativity definitely shines.  As a long time steampunk fan I was thrilled to see some of the very "steamy" builds so reminiscent of the Steampunk heydays of Second Life's early years.  


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