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If you moved into one of the new Sakura Belli homes and are filling the need to coordinate your wardrobe with your environment, the Yuna set from !dM deviousMind was made for you! Perfect for photos there are many colors to choose from (Lara).  This is a Next Up Event item from BellTech (the Gacha Garden folks of awhile back).  Those with large closets might want to choose the fatpack option.  

 I picked the Sakura color but there are many deep tones in the offerings.  

A word about the event.  There are three machines in each booth so several chances to get what you are aiming for. The downside (very frustrating for me so I hope the fix the issue) is that the vendor keys on the machines have horrid LODS (not the whole machine just the key square) so you need to cam in to each and every booth VERY closely in order to see what is being offered.  The booth for this release is happily right at the entrance :D.   

Hair: .:EMO-tions.. *MEI* 


Pose by: Helamiyo


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