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H and G Weekend Shopping

What a great weekend for shopping. Whether you are over at the Shop and Hop or perusing the weekend ads, bargains abound. 

Definitely the deal of the weekend is this Scarlet Creative Cordelia Chateau Revisted.  This was apparently a gacha item back in the day.  The tone of the walls changes dramatically with EEP settings of course. Here it looks almost like a fairytale castle.  The "revisited" designation may hint at some retexturing from the original gacha item -- or other changes of course.   

This isn't so much my style as a "how could I resist I might need it someday" item :D.  

A bit too posh for my typical needs I do very much like the third floor side room and could be very comfortable here. Perhaps it can be a Babbage project!   

A perfect pairing comes in the form of a huge set of drapery -- many styles and resize easily. There is an almost endless choice of textures via hud so there should be something for everyone.  This are high land impact  (not heavy mesh though) so definitely not for 1024 lots or Linden Homes, but with this mansion?  Perfect. Pitaya - Farm Curtains

Moving back to the beach we have the [Merak] - Sun Cover, useful for many purposes.  Here I added some towels and racks from Acorn, Nutmeg and [satus Inc] (left to right). 

Happy shopping! 


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