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Sansar Goes TV and MOBILE

This is "me" in Sansar three years ago.  Things have apparently changed while I have been gone. 

A special post this morning as I received a long and well-written  (so professional let's say including many screenshots)  email from Sansar.  I don't get mailings from there and haven't since I left when it was sold "the first time" to Wookey.   The letter was calling for investors.  I don't know if everyone in Sansar got a letter or maybe just content creators or even folks that blogged about Sansar, but searching prominent websites where I would have expected to see this news garnered no more info.   

Google tells me that Sansar is now owned by Sansar Inc and they are based in Michigan according to the letter.  The letter is copyrighted so I will not paste anything but I will note two important points. 

According to the text the company launched on compatible LG Smart TVs on January 5th, 2023, providing viewers with an immersive, pixel-streaming entry point into Sansar where watchers can switch between real world video and the immersive Sansar experience. Avatar control is through the remote. 

They plan to launch streaming in BROWSERS and  on Mobile in April of this year. 

I checked the Sansar website and things are looking really good over there. Avatars have obviously been improved. It looks very much like a Unity world now (and it may be -- I have been absent).  

So letting you know  -- so YOU know. 

I will be reading the current TOS there soon.  It was a great creative platform. 

Wikipedia fills in part of the story.

EDIT:  Adding that I did check the new TOS at Sansar. It is very readable in that not so much legalese and it is easy to navigate. Pluses there.  When you log into Sansar now however (even apparently without checking a box of agreement but I didn't try) you are automatically agreeing to the TOS, privacy policy, Tilia and many more things. So folks that CARE about that should take note and READ.

Since I fought long and hard so that every avatar in SL had a choice about agreeing to Tilia policies and since I have no plans to agree to something I will not be using  (where is the logic in that?) I will not be returning to Sansar.  It will be interesting to see how things turn out.   

From other text in the email it appears that "streaming services" will carry a cost and that the "taxes" (fees) for creators to sell on the Marketplace  will be coming down. That is the declared intent anyway.  

So that is all I know or am likely to know.  

I am happy I left all my builds there even if they aren't really MINE any longer :D. Each one took a full month as I needed to build or rebuild everything from scratch and then integrate using the Sansar tech (very different from SL).  So  I am glad they are still there and available for viewing -- at least it looks like they are. 

Happy travels.  



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