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Shop and Hop February 2023

There is plenty to see, shop for and gather over at the Shop and Hop this Valentine's season. There is even a whole sim geared to the males in the group. Plenty of hearts and stuffed things mix with risque lingerie and and if your jewelry box needs some refreshing -- you are set.  

Up first in the tour is this oh so cute [777-lite] TuruTuru of Love which comes packed full of many hearts and flowers additions. It is OF COURSE pink.   

Color huds let you change trims and such on this {ViSion} // Hailey Top & Denim Skirt . Many fits. 

This AURORA Megan gift is not quite SFW hence my demure pose.  It is beautifully crafter with tons of details and while I may never have an occasion to actually WEAR it again, I definitely like it!  Many fits. 

My oh so cute braids are a gift from no.match -- the NO_LOVELETTER set. This include hair bases as well as various sizes and there is a version with tiny hearts included.  

The HORL - Nini Glasses come in black, white and gold.   

Now this I absolutely love -- and it needs no special pose. Exquisitely made with lovely textures it comes for Lara, Reborn and Legacy.   Garbaggio // Alice Bodysuit  - Romantic Floral

[Kres] Driftwood Heart - Pink (other colors in the pack).  

Glitz offers a store credit with some very pretty things to spend it on right at Shop and Hop.  

Poses by: Eternal Dream and Verocity


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