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The Bayou

 Theyra's Bayou is definitely a labor of love. Filled with details it beckons.  There is no doubt.

There is a caveat here though :D.  Texture loading is slow, fps fairly dismal and my viewer crashed twice within the time it took for me to get this picture.  STILL --- if you have a new hefty computer you want to test out, this is the place!

There are rentals here apparently but not for those of us with an upper but not TOP quality computer.  I lived in the bayou for several months back when mesh was brand new. I loved it, but had to leave when my then fairly hefty but not super premium computer couldn't take the living conditions.

You can find this impressive but heavy mesh region here.   After having to restart my computer in order to get Firestorm to run (video driver issue that I haven't seen in years) I decided this post might be more of a WARNING than an invitation.  So tread carefully. 


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