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The Month That Was April - Tilia Sale

  • Thunes to acquire payments platform Tilia LLC.

LATER NOTE:  A Lab Gab gave more info on the Tilia sale.

Other news of the month. 

  • Belliseria celebrated 5 years.  

The opening was definitely one of my most memorable days -- the excitement and the comraderies as folks looked for their new homes. 

The  previously scheduled Q and A session was canceled.

  • Blueberry left the building.

from "Very Sad News for Blueberry Lovers" on the SL forums.

  • Draxtor moves to Substack (sort of?)
I watched the video and I am still confused, but maybe you won't be. (Personally not a substack fan).  So not "really" left the buiding I guess.

  • Ageplay and TOS status after Two months 

On April 19th comments on the Lab Gab said they were looking at and working on and changes would be made.  Lots of conversation on the forums about age verification (we had that long long ago and it just didn't work on many levels). 

As of this posting neither the TOS (2017) or Ageplay policies (2012) have been updated. 

Also on April 19th there were some unexpected participants at the Jail and Bail at Fantasy Faire.  

Here is a short snippet from a lengthy post on the forums by a very unhappy citizen.  (Note: in less than an hour after I typed this text  the post was blocked. ) Yes I read the entire post. Yes I have a screenshot.   The post questioned the appropriateness of including two of the major people named in the allocations of February who are in theory under current investigation.  

  • 2048 Texture Uploads
Prices for the new jumbo texture uploads have been announced as 50 lindens each for non-premium folks, 40 for Premium and 50 for Premium Plus. 



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