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Of Elephants and Bows

There is a really lovely group gift out at Addams. Find it here.  The Addams // Malibu Swing Dress // comes in many body fits. I am wearing LaraX.  Click on the tiny text in the unpacker to get your preferred brand.  (free group) And don't miss the gift card held by the bunny below the dress poster.  I am not sure what the value is as I have a TON of credits over at Addams. I need to do some Spring shopping!

I am wearing the current VIP gift from Truth, Moment. It comes with styling and accessory huds (pay group).   

And if you need some summery sandals to go with you can find these HORL - Isla Heels  at Palomma Plaza (Free Dove reborn). 

My backdrop is the current exhibit at AVOID.  

From the destination guide:

Poses by:  SE Motion


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