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Plankbarrow Harbor - Fantasy Faire 2024

Plankbarrow Harbor is my personal favorite build of the year -- a place where I feel at home.  This the lighting chosen by the creator -- full of mystery and possibly danger. 

My outfit  was designed for a male, no body is listed. Really though it will likely fit many people simply by alphaing out those body parts.  Boots are included as well as a skirt.  

The set comes with many individual layers and a very easy to see and use hud (yeah) to change colors in values of taupe along with a black choice.  

[ r-l-f ] *synthesizer (full pack) is available here at the ridi-ludi-foo store.  Yep, it is under water :D. Be sure and hold your breath. A demo is available.   

Poses by: exposure and IZUMIYA


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