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First Comes Art

It has taken a week to style my new King's Row abode.  I moved at a slow pace; there was no hurry.  First on my agenda was my artist's loft. I didn't really mind leaving Umber all that much. It was time. Still taking down the abandoned church with the art amidst the pealing paint and brambles was a bit painful. That build really spoke to me. 

The Victorian House I chose has a mansard roof. Lots of style but plenty of styling ISSUES were part of the package.  There are very few places for paintings or even cubic furniture. So challenges there.  

I am close to furnishing my new home and I am very happy with the results. The bedroom - bath still needs work but perhaps something "just right" will come my way soon; I have a few land impact points to spare.   

A tour will be coming your way soon.    

Pose by: the stool


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