This and That Saturday

Punch Drunk has an off the wall freebie today. That's me. That's the wall. The actually gift is in a box (maybe a bag - it's been a busy day) on the table. It is lots of fun, but I couldn't get the skirt prims to work for me. That's a typical problem with my shape so not a biggie. SO, I did a little improvising adding my fashionista belt (love it but not its prim count) and wore it sans skirt. The green legging pants would be good for mixing and matching too -- especially near St Patrick's Day. There are some bits of leftover green at the top however so you would need a "jacket" top to wear with it.

There is another give away over in the CRAP store across the way. It is part of this event, but the vendor wasn't working when I was there. So check :D

ZIBWARE is giving away this very cute spaghetti strap top in its main store. Find it upstairs by the lucky chairs. LOTS of bikinis and beachwear here if you are in the market.

There is a new and unusual hunt going on at Comme il Faut as part of their grand opening. You need to find three of the same kind of item -- in this case beauty accessories like brushes and perfume and the like. And then you get your prize. The items are fairly easy to find and many are brightly colored. The PROBLEM -- right now anyway -- is that the technology isn't working correctly. I found three of the same item but the script wouldn't recognize that I had (alas). There is a GIANT note when you enter about this problem. Unfortunately with the lag, it was too blurry to see. So wait a day or two perhaps and keep notes on where things are. I have NO idea at this point what the prizes are but will report when I get at least one (wink).

MEANWHILE the hair shown above is the free color demo for their hair department. Fairly plain and I am thinking it would work under hats. Many pretty colors and the new store is very lovely. So drop by sometime this week.