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Counting Days

Now, honestly I would have saved this photo for my Sunday post (text mostly written) but TODAY is the day. This rocker is a Fifty Linden Friday special from {what next}. Go there, get it; wonderful -- with tons of choices and great animations!

Now this post brought back lots of memories. First I went to look for this shot in September (natch) but missed the folder and ended up in 2012. My how things change in a year - LOL. I am also sitting out front of my Bayou Shack and that brings back memories of New Toulouse which I so loved.

AND one of my first purchases (surely not really the first but I do remember it well) was a rocker with knitting basket from {what next}. I still have it in my inventory. The knitting basket is inside the shack here and I may just bring it out front. Knitting on the porch in the late Autumn afternoon -- works for me.

There are various styles of this rocker but the one I picked has a saying about Autumn on the pillow and is in rustic wood. Couldn't be better.

And with that, I'll get back to rocking and listening to the frogs. Pearl, my kitty is two weeks old today. Happy day, Pearl!

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