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The Dean Door Shelf in a huge variety of door patterns can be found at Cheeky Pea. I especially love the school photo which happily fits with the theme of Op Ed Sunday.  You can change the time on the clock by changing the number in the description field to your GMT offset.

I am loving this hair from eXxEsS!  SYRA is long and sleek with a few wayward tendrils in back. It is also weighted exceptionally well, something difficult to find in long hair. Best with system tops that hug your back, it is a great addition to your hair collection.

Memories are wondrous things. They can comfort us in time of grief.   They can be our friends in times of loneliness. Days fade into nights and calendar pages turn, but anamnesis*  continues.

Whatever their mistakes of the summer, Linden Lab has given us the platform to make our own world, to grow and stretch our creative muscles in ways we never believed we could. And if that world ends tomorrow, next week, or next year -- I have a bountiful collection of happy times stored away in the keepsake box of these pages.

We may never know the reasoning behind the August changes in Linden Lab's TOS. The Powers That Be might just discover their error; that when a population is pushed too far it reacts. It may give up and leave, or stay and fight. With any of those choices, the people are no longer under the control of the leaders.

* I am guessing I got you with that word, OR you are a much better Scrabble player than I.

Part of Speech: noun
Definition: ability to hold in the mind
In philosophy

My mother was an avid reader. She never made it beyond high school, but she kept a pencil and paper by her side and would later look up mystery words she found as she wandered through the pages of her personal escape. We didn't get along all that well, my mom and I; still, there are good memories.

Pose by: aDORKable


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