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It is Wednesday night as I type this. No point in telling a lie. With way too many things to do I blog when I can and hit that SCHEDULE button. This seems like a great post for Sunday as while there are plenty of pictures there is a bit of op ed in here too.

I think of myself as a niche designer. When I have to fill in a Google doc form with "what the heck do you make?" I enter "prefabs, surrounds and niche items". And really, that's the truth. Much of my building is spurred by need. If I can find something I want ready-made, I am happy to pay for it. Oftentimes I seem to want something that simply isn't out there.

Niche is one thing. Quirky is another. (Insert smile here.)

When Corvus Szpiegel asked if I might want to blog some (actually I forgot the words, but "odd" was the general idea) items, I of course said yes. I love the unexpected. Well even I was surprised.  This is a back brace. There is also a cane. Put them together and you have an injured person. Oh my! Who would have thought? Well Corvus -- obviously. The back brace is beautifully made; the cane has both color choices and a super (SUPER) convincing animation of a limping person. Yes, the wheels did start turning and I am sure this will make it into a film someday -- maybe the next as I have an idea.

The snakeskin really isn't all that appropriate for this styling (can we call a back brace and cane a styling? Well maybe. ) but it has endless possibilities and is free if you can find it as part of a big pack of goodies including circus wagon on the Twisted Hunt.  The shop? [hate this].

Another new release in that quirky category are these Sneaking Boots from CARGO. So fun and definitely well made!

So hats off to the folks whose imaginations have no bounds. It is a great thing to see.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: the cane

Location: City of Lost Souls LEA7


Corvus Szpiegel said…
Thank you so much for the great pics and post! <3 Corv

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