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Hot In Pink

Sami is the star today with a great find from Sassy on the Rock Attitude Hunt 3. Leggings are not part of the prize. Look for a blue and red present type box.

And what's a star without a photo studio? The camera equipment and backdrop as well as the hand held camera are all from the SAAL Body Inc store from gatchas at The 24 event. There is a story here. I tried my luck at the beginning of the event but the database wasn't giving out any goodies. Very kindly the owner sent the whole set. A happy gal I have added them to the "advertising agency" area in the full sim city build here. So feel free to come by and get a taste of fame. Coffee table with books from 22769 ~ [bauwerk].

The photo props are no longer available at The 24 of course, but you might want to check the SAAL store as many of the 24 folks moved their gatcha items to there shops after the end of the event.


Meg said…
but where are the leggings from? heh I really want to know. I like the look. I have like 14 people looking but no one can find them.
Chic Aeon said…
Sorry. I asked Sami and legging are VERY VERY old and from a shop that no longer exists. You will have to find some similar ones. And yes, it is a great look, I agree.

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