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Kitty Proofing

Did you pick up one of the super cute Firestorm Anniversary Kitties? Are they getting frisky now that they are close to full grown? Well good news! Trompe Loeil has some kitty proofing and patio decor items out for The Neighborhood (Saturday only).

Deep patio pavers (work on hilly ground) come with either gravel accents or grass; sizes 5 x 5 with some trim and walkway accents at 3 x 5. The fencing comes in three varieties of color (this is the dark version) and two LOD options. I chose the lower one here as I really don't care what the far away neighbors see and there aren't many anyway *wink*. Nice to have a choice though.

All are mod so you can adjust as needed and there is a gate that opens should you need one. The kitties are SMART so no gate for them!

Please note that you don't really need to be kitty proofing to use this set!  Well you KNEW that, didn't you?


Poses by: aDORKable and LAP (nla)


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