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Blog Changes

If you have been following along with this blog, you know that my friend Sami joined me last month posting free finds. She is having fun; I am having fun having her.

But we decided to make some changes and the super-slueths out there may have already discovered a link to her very own page. You can bookmark it or get to it easily from this blog by scrolling down and finding her photo at the bottom of the sidebar. Click it and you are there.

This change should be a good one, letting those of you primarily looking for free stuff know where to start and those of you who don't want to be bothered with all that hunting and gathering, bypass those posts easily. It also let's Sami post on HER schedule, not mine and when she has new and timely things to tell you about. 

Her style is different than mine of course, but she does know quality!

We will hopefully do more posts together as that is lots of fun and get's me out of the house. She, with more time to spare, will be also showing you new locations. I promise to do more of that too!

You will still find a few free items in my features and attire for the guys when I come across things. In fact, I have a very interesting GUY post (both free and non-free items) coming up very soon!   It's a good one and may lead you to nudge that guy of yours (or yourself) into updating should you be in the "I don't want to shop" camp.

Honestly? Are there folks like that? Yep, there are!  :D

So that's the news.

Post 4000 coming up soon and there will be pondering.

I also joined the My Attic crew and will be featuring more items from that venue -- great for shoppers AND bargain hunters.


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