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I Give You FALL!

Fall is my favorite season and Fifty Linden Friday?  THE venue I always check out. Put them together and you have new FLF release sets from {what next} that will surely get you thinking of the falling leaves.

The wreath and garland make up one set and the harvest basket and sign (three wording choices by hud) make up the other.

To coordinate with your new super deal purchases, there is a new release, the Lisbeth (my mothers name!) blanket and decor set.

It includes:

* seats 2 avatars

* 4 texture options
* 22 singles & 20+ couples animations
* self-rezzing props
* copy/mod (scripts /animations/props are NO mod)
* 100% original mesh with materials enabled

* the set includes:

* one blanket
* candle jar lights and lanterns
* book pile decor
* fall doughnuts on plate
* apple cider tray
* crate table
* optional matching leaves decor

50% off for {what next} VIP group members till Sunday.

I feel a nip in the air and I love it. Mr Sun, please keep shining so that we may have a perfect Autumn season.


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