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The Child Within

The Arcade is underway and even if you can't get IN yet you can look forward to some fun, young at heart, releases.

From Baiastice, a big set of Los Pepitos. Some come complete, others with optional accoutrements.

This is EVE (rare and yes there is an Adam) with diapers, long hair and flip flops. Bottle and pacifier come together and each of the other sets have various colors. Los Pepitos come with basic AOs which work well but I found that many poses and animations work just fine with her.

I smiled alot as tiny little Eve moved things around my building pad with aploom :D.

A perfect match for Eve, Adam, any of the other kids OR adults that are young at heart --- the {what next} wearable airplane. Super cute with realistic animations, at only 9 land impact it can even be a rezzable prop.

There are MANY styles to collect. This is Flower Power (rare). Designed for bigger folks, it resizes perfectly.    Note that the new hover height adjustment is needed to get the plane back on ground level if you resize it down greatly.  (Thank you Linden Lab and Firestorm for putting that back in easy to get to form; I SO missed it!)


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