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Makeover for Him

I don't go shopping for guy stuff all that often. Max and Chav and "Geeky Guy" (all me) get their outfits to show you from designers. I can remember in the beginning (so many years ago) that turning into a guy was fairly traumatic. Now it is just a click or two in the outfits tab. Times change.

This isn't me in the photo; it is my longest real life friend who is turning nine soon in SL and having a real life birthday a bit before.  He is NOT a fashionista by any means. (Does that work for guys too? Well it will in this case.)

I think his last change of clothes was last Fall at my nagging. But when faced with what on earth to get him for his real life birthday (I made some stellar maple syrup banana bread and am throwing in a small dinner party) I decided a makeover would be a really good thing.

I learned a lot looking for his needs. He wanted something bright, not "Banana Republic neutral" (a quote). He also wanted dark skin but friendly looking and new hair was definitely on the shopping list.

It was an adventure -- the shopping for menswear -- and I found some great stores along the way. Men have traditionally had a harder time finding good fashion in SL, but no longer. And except for the skin, these items are either unisex or come in a gals version.

Here is a list of Marketplace Links. I know you are all smart enough to find the "see inworld" link should you want to visits the shops -- and I do encourage that. I visited them all!

Sunglasses with various versions and hud choices:


Skin - 6 versions in the pack:


Shirt with EXTENSIVE pattern choices by hud (fitmesh that really fits well)

ODDITY Shirt -Bruce- Aloha I COLORS

Now most of you probably know this store, but I did not. I see however that it is one of the top sellers on the Marketplace (where have I been?). I am MIGHTILY impressed with this hair!  There are plenty of styles for gals too -- just in case like me you have been living under a rock *wink*.

{MAGIC} Special Rigged Fitted Unisex Mesh Hair HV58

Necklace is a Pure Poison gift from a year or so ago.
Tattoo (ancient and no longer available but still amazingly good looking)
Boots not shown are group gifts from ODDITY (see the big group gift board; there are also some tall hiking boots and nice driving gloves - unisex)

Pose by: Vista Animations


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