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Free as a Bird

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There is a story here -- kind of a long one. Sami is older than I by about a year or so. She has her ninth rez day coming up this month.  While I spent much of my youth over at Sn@tch combing the walls for hidden free goodness, Sami was of the generation that grew up with Free Dove.

So the story goes that she was out and about looking for free goodness and spotted a sign for Free Dove. I guess nostalgia got the better of her as she journeyed over to see the store of today and she suggested that I go over too and pick up some things and we could post together.

I don't really remember much about Free Dove from my youth although I am sure I was there.  The look was familiar. There are some very nice gems hidden amongst the eclectic display of boxes. Here are a couple.

My attire is simple and VERY CUTE!!!!  A handkerchief type dress from M&M-Armina. You will want to be fairly brave to wear this dress, but if your desire is to show off your body --- this is the dress for you!   (inworld shop is here).  A quick trip over found lots of great looking clothes as well as a big wall of old group gifts -- including this dress in a blue print. Just thought you "might" want to know that!

There is also a hunt going on in the store. Prices seem to be $10 and they "sound" good - LOL.

Unfortunately you don't get the DARLING ELEPHANTS.

They are however VERY easy to find.

Hair: *Alice Project* Kimberly [S] - Basics SL&O gift

On Sami:

Baby Monkey (inworld store here) sweater, pants, necklace and system heels -- part of a HUGE pack of goodies that come with a three color change hud. These were apparently last years Advent gifts (a shop I used to visit often and one I missed adding to my Advent calendar).

Our location is Ironwood Hills. Mark that down for your October film shoots!   By the time this posts the crowds will hopefully be down a bit. Currently the sim is full and it was hard to take photos. I will be venturing back as Fall approaches.

On me besides the dress:

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by:  Diesel Works


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