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Home and Garden Expo 2016

The RFL Home and Garden Expo is coming soon. I have featured that event the last few years and will be doing so unofficially again.   The official blogger list is here so pick your favorites and watch for news on their sites.
I am excited about the plan this year. The small plots which I always opt for as I really don't need more with such low prim mesh are a whopping 20 x 20 and with 100 land impact allotted. I did a little happy dance when I saw that on the signup sheet.

This is only a small part of the layout for my plot.  You can see a more complete (and bigger) photo here.  Like many of the folks participating, I have been working along for a month or so making things and planning. As I put things all together on a building pad way up in the sky, the final look reminded me SO of my grandmother I got a little teary. She absolutely loved having garage sales. This is just the feel that I wanted when I made the Recycled Victorian. Lots and lots of nostalgia.

So of course I needed to freeze the moment in time -- AND let you know to keep a look out for the opening in less than two weeks.

There will be gacha machines and a hunt, donation items and new releases. I am very much looking forward to seeing all the displays. There is bound to be something for everyone. There will be shopping guides to peruse so you can head for the areas that have items matching your personal style.

All good!


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